Sunday, July 23, 2017

Balloons For MrJackFreckles & A Silly Pipo ~ Selfies On Sunday

First of all we want to thank all who helped make a lovely card/album for Minko's Memory. It came in the mail a few days ago, along with yet more gifts. OMC! There was that sweet little album, its full of pictures and comments regarding Minko and his becoming an angel. Petcretary pored over that for a long time...
There was a huge image made into a canvas stretched out on a frame...Minko looks larger than he was in real  life! Wow! He stares out at us now from where he sits on the bookshelf:)
And also a large throw style blanket with many and various pictures of Minko over the years. How sweet! Pawppy and petcretary are on there too.

Petcretary wanted to make some pictures to show you those items, but since the weather was not cooperative, and when it was, she was working or out of the eventually she will.
For now she just wanted to thank whomevfur made those pictures and gifts for her. Such love in the blogging world and at her Catster Buddies on Facebook.

July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012  The basket comes from when Pawppy and petcretary got married in 1987!
On July 25th, Pawppy and petcretary will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Wow!
They are not doing much special other than exchanging some simple gifts and our unfurbros are taking them out to dinner. They have each other and much love so that is what counts to them.

When petcretary was really sick back in 2006/7 they were not sure many more milestones would be reached, but God granted healing and health, and here they are!! Wonderful!
And a couple years ago when pawppy was needing emergency surgery for a potential life threatening issue, God also granted full healing. How amazing. All of our prayers answered:)

So we have gone through for better and for worse...and the glue of love has taken us all the way through without coming undone. Of course we know without the hand of God in our lives this would not be this we praise God and give Him the glory for what He has done for us:)

I, Pipo, will give loud purrs to my peeps and some good hard headbonks, too!
I,  MrJackFreckles, will wag my tail like a propeller, and add a few good licks and woofs!

The other day, there was some strange whooshing outside...and since I, MJF am deaf, I didn't hear it. So I just followed petcretary outside, and OMD, there were two hot air balloons trespassing over my yard, so I had to bark all kinds of get lost woofs at them...and I bristled and barked some more, and I ran up and down my fence line to make sure they didn't dare return...and by golly, I still have it, cause they sailed silently away...well...apart from that whooshing...

Sheesh, all that barking tires me out!

Running to make sure I chased those balloons away...

They are almost gone...

Phew! This is my Post Balloon Chasing selfie!
Pipo was in the kind of cubby hole in petcretary's desk, and he was being kind of silly in his begging her to have some playtime or belly rubs...or more likely some of each, MOL!

I am a bit bored...

Time to put on my cute charms!

Will you play with me, petcretary?

She did, after I made this Sunday Selfie!

We are hopping along with all the others at The Cat On My Head, the weekly hosts of this feature.

By the way...Petcretary got a notice from Photobucket, that apparently we are in violation of some rue about third party reposting, like when we put things we have there in our blog, or when furends send us images for us to post. That is why you now see big horrible notices in some of our blog pages...sheesh:(
If you have sent us things that were in Photobucket, could you resend them as originals so that petcretary can save them to her own files and then repost them in our blog? Thanks! (and we are not going to ever use PB again...sigh...)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tinkling Wind Chime Spirit Selfie

Its been a rather quiet week here in our den...
Garden chores, doctor appointments, expeditions to get the mail, bring home nom sand si forth was the order of the day when our peeps were  not at their jobs.

Petcretary won a prize from Dakota's Den, a coupon for a free bag of noms from Rachael Ray. With the picky eating habits of MJF these days, its hard to decide which one he might enjoy. We shall see.

She also won another prize from the same blog, in a different giveaway, so now we have a frisbee. And a water travel cup and a tote bag to hold it all and more!

Thanks Dakota, for having those giveaways!

Oops, sorry; she just furgot:)

We also got a beautiful set of wind chimes. What??! We didn't order those! So where did they come from, then? Well, when petcretary unpacked the chimes, a little card fell out. And it said that it was a gift from all of Minko's Catster, Facebook, and Blogging furends. Awww...that started a fountain coming from her face windows again...Minko's name and a little remembrance note is on a heart that hangs from the chimes. They sure tinkle with a lovely set of tones.
Thanks so very much, all of you! We do not know who you all are purrsonally, but we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

  When petcretary saw these next images, she was rather astounded. Look at them and what do you see??  Petcretary said it was as if a spirit or two was dancing around those chimes, one of them being Minko showing his approval and thanks to his earthly furends for sending those to petcretary.

Maybe the 'spirit(s)' wanted to have a selfie in our blog:)
  There are also a lot of sweet picture mementos on petcretary's FB page. (She hardly evfur accesses that FB stuff for herself.) She didn't even know they were there, she had to message a cousin about something else, and wow, she discovered them all. Once again, her fountains resumed. Thanks so much to all of you who posted those for us, and the sentiments/comments that were there, too.

What evfur would we do without all the support we have had to help us get through the loss of our sweet Minko.

Sometime eventually petcretary will gather those all together to make a post here so you can see them all.

Well, now, we know you want to see us, right?!? Righto!
These are all taken with the zoom feature on petcretary's camera, so they are rather fuzzy. She says ts 'soft focus', MOL!!

MrJackFreckles being serious...

...and silly!! BOL!

Petcretary also made a few picture/cards for some good furends:

Timmy is here

Toby is here

Phoebe can be found here
We are hopping along with the Kitties Blue, who are the hosts of this weekly feature, at The Cat On My Head

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fungusy Selfies On Sunday.

Petcretary and I, MJF, were out in the back woodsy area of our yard...when we spied this huge fungus!

It sure kind of looks like a exotic flower, OMD!!!

I decided it was a good spot to make a selfie, BOL!

  Pipo was just enjoying a sunny place and felt he was not going to let himself be a selfie...because he did not want to be ....

this is a sort of not looking too selfie-ish, MOL!

We made lots of picture cards and mementos this past week:
There were some spawsial occasions:



                                            The above three kitties are from Mickey's Musings

Happy Birthday Sid-Henry!

Percy Turns 13

There were some sad times too...sheesh, there sure are a lot of new angels lately. We think its about time that a 'no vacancy' sign is placed at the  doors to the Rainbow Bridge.
Anypaws, here are the mementos we sent to the furmilies of these precious new angels.

Andrea Kenner's precious boy, Beckham, journeyed to the bridge on July 7. Beckham would have turned 14 this summer and has lived with Andrea since he was a kitten. He can be found here: BECKHAM

Angel Gertrude, from Margs Animals

Angel Ellie, From Friends FurEver; to whom this blog hop is dedicated

If you want to snag any of those mementos/cards; feel free to do so.

We are hopping in this Sunday Selfie Blog hop, dedicated to Angel Ellie, with The Kitties Blue