Sunday, May 21, 2017

Guest Sunday Selfies ~ From Petcretary's Mini-Vacay

After Mother's Day, Petcretary had some PTO at her work...otherwise known as a Vacation.
So a few days ago, we had to go to jail - oops, we meant spa...which in reality isn't a spa but a huge jail cell, condo/cage at our vet. We have to go there now each time petcretary leaves town, because of Minko's special feeding needs. (And nobody wants to take pictures in there, well we don't...)

So petcretary left us there, and dog-guy stayed home with pawppy. Minko will not let pawppy feed him the way petcretary does, so that is why we need to have these jail spa days...

Well, petcretary got to see Eddie herself! How he has grown!
So today's selfies are going to feature Eddie...
Cause we too were sort of on vacation...(four long nights in that jail spa), not to Blogpaws, nor anywhere else fancy...nope, not even the petcretary, MOL! Oh well, hopefully now we can get 'back to normal' whatevfur that means.

Well, since this is all about guest selfies, here are some fun things for other furry pals that petcretary helped us make:

And...petcretary says sorry in advance if she missed anyone...sometimes with her chores, work and this past week of travels things get overlooked. We love you all at any rate!
If you missed getting our images, feel free to snag them now:)

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day, 2017

We are doing some repeaters/flashbacks because our petcretary is taking care of a whole lot of 'extra moms, and grannies', today...she is working and her residents are like extended furmily, so its OK we think somehow to share her. We have her evfurry day, but those residents sometimes have no one except their caregivers.
So here are our offerings of some previous postings to honor our petcretary, aka Mom:

We hope you all will have  wonderful day, even if you are not a Mom in the real sense...there are lots of you who have to play the role of 'Mom', and you can bet that those you love and care for are just as grateful to you as if you *were* a real Mom! 

Thanks to all Moms, evfurrywhere!!  

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bobbling With A Bobble Hat For Our Sunday Selfie Session

Today we are doing a few things...
Basil, aka Bionic Basil and 'his heathen hoard' (furmily) is doing a fundraiser for a shelter they support. So they have sent out a traveling Bobble Hat. It came here this kitties had a sniff of it...and said, yup, its a kitty hat! MOL! So we got to wear it. Then we said, 'Dog-guy, you need to support that shelter too!' So you guessed it, he put it on as well. It is just a bit too small, but he rocked it anypaws. He is like that you know, MOL!
Pipo was the most cooperative this time...go figure! Minko was not at all im-purr-essed! Dog-guy was fine, well if there is a yummy treat he can be bribed to do just about anything!

Ho Hum...another day with props...

Sheesh, a hat? Hisses!

Its kind of small, but I can handle that...



This is embarrassing...

I am bobbling for Basil!

Yup, I am!!

You really want me to look???

Well, maybe its not so bad afterall...


Maybe I can reach up and snag that bobble to play with it.
I wish she'd hurry up with this picture session...

Minko you are not allowed to giggle, OK?
Hey, I can smell where you had that hat on...
I think I like this selfie!

Petcretary thinks this will have to do this week, MOL!

Pretty good Bobble Hat selfie I think:)

So there are our Bobble Hat Selfies!  For you and for Basil's Shelter, too.
Now we have to find out where to send it next...and we hope they enjoy all of our selfie scents on them, MOL/BOL!


Many of you know Chester, from The Daily Bone. In one of his recent posts he lamented the loss of one of his dear furends in Denmark: Vaks.
So petcretary made yet another memorial memento for this beloved pup.

For Angel Vaks

This weeks selfie hop is also dedicated to Flynn, who was loved by many, and all the more so by his Mom and Dad. We posted our memorial to Flynn a few days ago; here is the memento badge we made for him:

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