Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Selfies On Sunday From St Patrick's Day

We had St Paddy's Day a few days ago...and we made some selfies to show off to all of you.
There were so many nice ones, we couldn't decide which one(s) to post, so we told petcretary to show them all, MOL/BOL!!
((We apawlogize on behalf of the petcretary who of course is late as always...but that's OK, we love her anyways!! ))

Furst up is Pipo...he who mostly gets all stressed and bent out of shape when the camera shows up, decided it was kind of fun to relax in the swell greenery.

Though here his airplane ears are showing some dislike of the camera...

Then Minko decided to give the green theme a good try...

I was astounded by it all, MOL!
Then he thought about giving it the Minko taste test...aka bitey, MOL!
Then he too settled down in the green stuff...maybe it made us kitties think that we were outside where our real grass is now bare...all snow has once again melted...just in time for Spring!! Ahhh!

Then....Minko let Pipo come back for some double kitty Irish greenery picture taking.

And then Minko let Dog-guy come into the green zone:)

Hey why do I need to wear this hat??? Oh well, its not that bad, I can even do a selfie with it.
And then at last Dog-guy...aka MrJackFreckles got time to be solo in the green Irish garb...

Petcretary told us that on St Paddy's Day evfurryone is we thought it would be fun to give it a go...well, since we are US/Canadian/Dutch/Danish by way of our pawrents...and British and Thai(Siamese)...

So thanks for stopping by and seeing how we got to purrtend to be Irish fur the day:)

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Guest Eddie And Other Mews For Sunday Selfie Time

Eddie is growing...and a tad wiser too by the look of things, BOL!

Eddie doing a guest selfie.

Eddie the wise old man-pup, BOL!

We had some nasty weather in our area this past week...but other than some limbs of our trees down and a brief power outage due to a tree that came down on our road, we were largely unscathed. There was a whole bunch of roofing material in our yard from the neighbor's  lean-to was sailing in the air like tissue paper! However just between the time that petcretary came home and when pawppy got in, there were lots more trees down in the city proper. The road was blocked in several spots, and the power is even now still out for some residents. Yikes! They had to open a warming shelter because it was very cold...this morning its 14F. We had gusts of winds at about 66 miles per hour. Some parts east of our state had category one hurricane force winds, Oh MY!

The weather today is beautiful...but we did not get the temp above 20F. Brrr...and the winds made it even colder...though they are not nearly as vicious as on the 8th. However being inside kitties we just snoozed in the nice warm sun puddles! Even dog-guy!

Tonight we are going to get gypped of an hour of our precious snoozing time. Sheesh. Why do they insist on this ritual each spring. We will be yawning for days and the residents at petcretary's nursing home will be out of sorts as well. Then when its bedtime a lot of them will not want to because it will still be so light...

Petcretary is feeling a bit sad today, because on Friday night at her work, one of her 'little old men' passed away. This always makes her sad, because those old folks become like family and she gets attached to them despite all their issues of dementia, and other foibles of old age. So this past few weeks there have been several deaths...but not when petcretary was at her work. That always makes it so much harder. So we all gave her extra purrs, wags and us kitties gave out headbonks too.

So now of course you want to see us, right?? Right!

Next time, though it will be after the fact, so therefore late, MOL; we will show you our St Paddys Day selfies....but ya'll just have to be having a bit o'patience OK??

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

We Had A Dr Seuss Day...With *That Hat* Selfies For Sunday

A few days ago it was Dr Seuss Day...but since petcretary was too busy to make a separate posting, we decided that we would oblige her with that signature Cat In The Hat  stovepipe hat (Thanks Phoebe!), so that we could do both selfies and commemorate Dr Seuss as well. Double duty as it were, MOL!

Petcretary apologizes on our behalf for not commenting on most of your blogs the past month or so...she gets to a few and then its time for bed, MOL/BOL! So while we try to keep up, its a real challenge...we visit when we at those times you might get a whole collection of comments!! Tee-hee!

Maybe we should just erase all the old blog posts and start over, but then we might miss things, and we would all just eventually get behind just bear with us! Pawlease??!

We made a few cards this week, of course that used up some time...(One card this week used up over two hours...), but we know that those for whom we made those cards loved them and that is quite impawrtant to us. We feel bad that we cannot make cards for each one of you when you have spawsial days...but things like first birthdays and new angels are furry great events that need to be commemorated with some priority, at least we think so.

Anypaws here are those promised selfies:

You got to be kidding, you want me to wear this hat??? Bwahahahaha!! OMC!!!!

Oh, well, like those green eggs and ham...I tried it...

Teddy and Angel Sammy sure had us stumped this past Tuesday, MOL/BOL!
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